SES Energy Efficiency Company is a energy efficiency services provider in New York area where working to undertake a large-scale upgrade towards energy efficiency.

SES NY LED is recognized as an active energy service provider, aligned with the many incentive programs offered throughout the country. Specializing in identifying energy usage and reducing energy demand for commercial facilities, SES NY LED provides focused recommendations ranging from cost and materials to installation, engineering, and processing of utility incentive paperwork.

Our goal is to recognize the best technological improvements that will yield the maximum benefits for your facility. Lighting upgrades significantly reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of light in the work environment. Savings are easy to substantiate and we are aligned to process paperwork that will offset project costs through your utility company.

Specialization in energy efficient lighting has allowed us to develop extremely competitive and cost-effective methods in implementing these incentivized-driven lighting projects. The more you do something, the better you get at it. By specializing, we have been able to minimize installation time, provide reduced cost on materials due to our high volume in a specialized market, and eliminate contingency costs that most contracts have to use to offer “buffer room.” Our customers will attest to our expertise: quality work, timely project completion, competitive pricing.

We take great pride in the quality of our work and our customer satisfaction. Please visit our referral page and give us a chance to provide a free proposal for your facility.

We help our clients reduce energy consumption and meet their energy goals

We realize the challenge our clients face striking a balance between environmental responsibility and economic competition. Our talented staff and experienced engineers find efficient and cost-effective approaches in all phases of a project. We offer a full range of services, including comprehensive surveys and audits, implementation services, program design, installations, and partnering with local governments and utilities.


An exprienced professional, SES NY LED helps customers invest in quality energy solutions.
We have identified the new generation of lighting.

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